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Author: Amelia WestonPosted: Jun 10, 2017

Proud to Support the White Hat Rally

InfoSaaS are proud to be supporting the 2017 White Hat Rally, in aid of Barnardos. [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Apr 10, 2017

APT10 ... are you prepared?

Gaining awareness of the threat from APT10, and how to protect your organisation [...]

Author: Amelia WestonPosted: Mar 18, 2017

The Road to G-Cloud 9 (UK)

Using a risk management approach and ISO27001 to prepare for G-Cloud 9 success [...]

Author: Amelia WestonPosted: Feb 03, 2017

Managing ISO27001 Documentation

How InfoSaaS can reduce the effort in preparing your information security documentation. [...]

Author: Amelia WestonPosted: Jan 25, 2017

The Journey to ISO27001 Certification

Exploring the journey towards ISO27001 certification [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Jan 05, 2017

GDPR and Privacy Impact Assessments

GDPR: Preparing your Privacy Impact Assessments [...]

Author: Jane ReynoldsPosted: Dec 20, 2016

Not Another New Year's Resolution?

Another year nearly over. What should we be planning for information security in 2017? [...]

Author: Jane ReynoldsPosted: Oct 15, 2016

Getting Hacked Ahead of GDPR

Yahoo recently reported a breach of 500 million user records - so what should we learn? [...]

Author: Jane ReynoldsPosted: Sep 28, 2016

Focus on Risk Treatment

ISO27001 requires a Risk Treatment Plan to be prepared. In this blog, we explore what this is and how InfoSaaS delivers this requirement. [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Aug 10, 2016

Information Security, GDPR and Brexit ... Joining the Dots

Today's blog investigates how a robust approach to information security will assist in achieving compliance with the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), even post-Brexit. [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Oct 13, 2015

Post Safe Harbor ... Next Steps for EU Organisations

Over the last few weeks, you've probably seen ongoing discussions about the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declaring that the US "Safe Harbor" agreement used by more than 4,000 companies is now invalid. [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Oct 12, 2015

Perfect Password Practice

Using strong passwords is one of the most effective ways to increase your online security and protect your data. It's also very straightforward, so you'd expect it to be something that almost everyone does. Unfortunately this is not the case ... it is less convenient than using weak and easily remembered passwords, and people are just too busy. In this blog, we'll examine different approaches to password management. [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: May 23, 2015

Protecting Personal Data in Cloud Environments

Data security continues to attract the attention of organisations worldwide, at least if the uptake of the Information Security Management System standard ISO27001 is anything to go by. The recently introduced ISO27018 standard enhances ISO27001, by providing a focused framework within which the risks to personal data in cloud environments can be identified and managed. [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Mar 23, 2015

What Makes a Good Security Policy?

We recently launched the InfoSaaS set of information security documentation, to help our customers design, implement and operate an appropriate set of policies, procedures and related content which helps to deliver an effective Information Security Management System. Here, we'll suggest ways to ensure your organisation benefits from the best possible information security policy. [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Mar 18, 2015

The Importance of ISO27001 in 2015

Information security is getting more headlines than ever before. What role has the ISO27001 standard to play in addressing security issues? [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Dec 14, 2014

Getting Security Right .... Santa Style

A festive look at the data protection challenges facing Father Christmas! [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Dec 13, 2014

Choosing the Right Risk Assessment Solution

The careful and informed selection of a software solution to help you manage an effective risk assessment programme is essential. In this blog, we'll explain some of the thinking behind the creation of InfoSaaS. [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Nov 08, 2014

Developing an Appetite for Risk?

Risk assessment methodologies such as InfoSaaS are based around calculating levels of risk. But how do you define an acceptable level of risk? [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Sep 07, 2014

Risk Terminology for Beginners

The ISO27001 standard expects that all relevant "threats" and "vulnerabilities" will be assessed, but how well do we understand the difference between these two terms and "risk"? [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Aug 05, 2014

Social Media, Identity Theft and Corporate Risks

The growth of web-based social media applications presents a set of unique challenges to organisations, both with respect to the individual users and also the possibility of breaching corporate information security principles. [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Jul 28, 2014

ISO27001 in Plain English

Often perceived as shrouded in an eerie mist of complexity and strange terminology, we'll explain some of the common terms found within ISO27001. [...]

Author: Martin PoolePosted: Jul 21, 2014

Introducing InfoSaaS

Introducing "InfoSaaS", our cloud-based IT risk management solution. [...]

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RT @johngodwin1: Finally #GDPR is starting to make public headlines, as the Government officially launches the Data Protection Bill. https:…
Aug 07, 2017
48% of citizens will exercise their increased rights under #GDPR, notes a new report …will you be ready for them?
Jul 25, 2017
RT @RossiPete: Near Holborn on 20th July? Come and meet our cloud techies @ 18:00...and me too! Beer,Food and cloud demos included. https:/…
Jul 12, 2017
At @info_saas, we're busy promoting the positive aspects of #GDPR. Great to see that @McAfee_News shares that view
Jul 11, 2017
Need a hand getting your #GDPR and data protection documents in order? Our GDPR document pack is the help you need.
Jul 10, 2017